The Need to Change: To An Alternative Energy Future is dedicated to increasing public awareness of the urgency of adopting clean alternative energy sources to reduce dependence on an increasingly unpredictable and hostile world. That this objective could as well mitigate global warming attributed to fossil fuels adds to this imperative.
      This website — at the moment under construction — plans to bring you articles explaining energy technologies, which have problems and which have promise, as well as news and developments in industry, governments and nations. .

Coming: In depth reports on global warming, energy alternatives and conservation, begining with:
What in the World is Going On?

There is clear evidence of a trend to global warming, and overwhelming, if not universally-accepted, scientific agreement that all or a significant part of the trend is caused by greenhouse gas emission. Whether or not you are persuaded that a human contribution is the principal cause, global warming is stirring governments around the world to take action. Our survey reviews what is shaping government policy from international to local.